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Welcome to Megève

A long, but thankfully uneventful, journey via Munich and Geneva and I’m finally here. As always the Alps are just magnificent, our first real view of the mountains was Mont Blanc, glistening in the sun as we wound our way up the hills on the other side of the valley,.

Mont Blanc

First order of business, book in to the very cute hotel Les Loges Blanches and go in search of my bike which shipped last week and arrived on Monday, fingers crossed...

Success! Box all in one piece, the new Bike Box Alan did its job with top marks, bike in good order and quickly assembled thanks to not having to take the handle bars off to pack it - result.

With the bike ready to role and left in the capable hands of Yosci, our mechanic for the week, time to hit the shower and freshen up then in to town with Mark, fellow rider, for a bite to eat and much needed coffee.

Megève is beautiful! Unlike many of the French ski resorts that look like concrete jungles in the summer, it is a very pretty little town with old worldly buildings, green space and lots going on: live singer in the middle of town, big stage with some sort of show planned this evening, plenty of people taking leisurely strolls and browsing the boutiques with sidewalk cafes full of people watching the world go by and enjoying the beautiful summers day.

Now back at the hotel and sorting my admin before meeting a few other riders for an early dinner followed by a much needed early night.

Untill tomorrow...

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