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Home with my family

Delayed flights, missed connections, a stroppy taxi driver and 20 hours later I finally made it home to my amazing family, who I missed so much while I was off on my adventure.

The final numbers are in for the full 8 days, including non-timed and timed sections:

Results: General Classification (GC) - 85 | Age Group - 31

Statistics: Riding time: 33:24 | Distance: 541 miles | Elevation Gain: 67,433 feet | Calories: 24,651

Now it's done, apart from the mental and physical recovery, I'd like to say thank you...

To Abi for her unwavering support and patience in the face of endless hours of training throughout the year, being a 'bike widow' with two young boys is hard work! Thanks honey, I owe ya :-)

To you all for the kind words of support and encouragement over the past week, it's meant more to me that you could ever know - thank you, it's been emotional!

To everyone for supporting my chosen charity - Team Type 1 Foundation, we've raised an amazing $9,739 dollars together - thank you.

The whole experience was made that much more enjoyable by joining Will and his team at Two Wheel Tours, bike mechanic, masseurs, bag transportation, manning rest stops and so much more - just outstanding!

I don't know what the next challenge will be, but we know there will be one, so stay tuned :-)

Below is a collage of lots of photos taken by many different people over the week, in no particular order and there may be duplicates... enjoy as much as I did!

Until next time!

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